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As a rule, it is desirable that the treatment of children’s teeth be performed by a specialist, (Pedodontist). The first visit to a pedodontist should take place when the child is about one year old. The purpose of the first visit is primarily to check the development of the child’s teeth and to provide instruction to the parents on how to maintain correct oral hygiene of their child’s mouth, maintain proper nutrition and provide a positive experience from the first visit to the dentist with the child.


Many people are inclined to think, mistakenly, that milk teeth (the deciduous or primary teeth), are less important than the permanent teeth and there is no need to “invest” in them to the same degree. The opposite is true – it is very important to maintain the health of the primary teeth! Proper habits to maintain the teeth’s health needs to be done already with the emergence of the first tooth. Maintenance of the milk teeth prevents problems in the future, also in the permanent denture, such as infections, pain, loss of space, damage to tooth enamel and shape, etc……

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