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The dangers of smoking are known to everyone. Smoking affects the oral enviroment in a number of ways:

Many research studies show that smoking in general, and especially heavy smoking, (more than 10 cigarettes a day), increases the chances of oral cancer and periodontal diseases, reduces the chances of curing inflammation, as well as the success and survival rate of implants and periodontal surgery. It is also known that stopping, or significantly reducing smoking over a long period, significantly increases the success & survival rates for implants and periodontal healing.

Before performing implants or surgical procedures such as sinus lift operation or periodontal surgery, it is recommended to cease smoking, and not just temporarily, in order to improve the chances of the implant’s success and   healing after surgery. There is a protocol for the smoking cessation – one week before, and 8 weeks after, the surgical procedure, which has been found to improve the chance of the implant’s success.

In conclusion – smoking is not recommended at all, and especially close to the time of a dental implant placement!

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