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The wide popular view is that it is not desirable to undergo dental treatment during pregnancy. However, this is not exactly true. Cleaning of teeth for example is desirable and highly recommended during pregnancy! Many changes take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy which, amongst other things, also affect oral and teeth hygiene. Hormone changes may lead to more severe gum infections and even excess bleeding, or tooth mobility; therefore it is important to ensure oral hygiene is maintained and visits made to the dental hygienist for cleanup and receiving instructions on oral hygiene.

The teeth themselves may also be affected during pregnancy, especially amongst women suffering from excess acidity in the oral cavity as a result of reflux or vomiting. The acidity affects the tooth material and weakens it therefore it is essential to rinse the mouth and strictly ensure that the teeth are kept clean.


It is preferable to defer as far as possible extensive dental treatment or regular dental x-rays until after the birth. However, in the event of toothache during pregnancy, treatment should be obtained from a dentist, and if necessary an x-ray performed (with appropriate protection), in order to avoid a worsening of the problem or the spread of infection.


As a rule, it is preferable to perform dental treatment during the second trimester of pregnancy if it cannot be delayed until after the birth.


It should be remembered that most of the side effects of hormone changes, such as excess bleeding, tooth movement, and acidity, disappear after the birth.

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