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Are Dental Implants lifesaving?

There are patients who will say they are. What is for certain is that implants can improve the quality of life from one extremity to the other – from the aspect of patient’s comfort, improvement of the ability to masticate (“I started to eat steaks”) and even self-confidence (“I’m no longer frightened that the denture will fall out while I am talking”).


What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a replacement for a tooth’s root, made from a titanium alloy and shaped like a screw. Dental implants have changed the face of dentistry, and improved the quality of life of many patients.


Dental implants are suitable for most patients, and a wide range of age groups. It is very rare to be unsuitable for having implants, and most people can enjoy their many benefits.


Implants can replace teeth, (fixed implant-supported restoration), or attach a removable denture to the gums and prevent their movement during eating or speech.


Our team of specialists performs simple or complex operations in the clinic, which include dental implants, bone augmentation, sinus lifting and complex extractions, as well as natural restoration using crowns, bridges or dentures.


Does the treatment hurt?

Generally, we believe that dental treatment can, and should be, painless.


Placing an implant is a relatively simple operative procedure performed under local anesthesia. After the anesthesia wears off there may be some pain or discomfort which can be prevented, or treated, with ordinary pain killers.


We do everything possible to ensure that the treatment is pleasant and painless, and if necessary will use nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

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