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Who is anxious at the dentist? Who isn’t?……. The anxiety related to a visit to the dentist is frequently the result of a past traumatic experience in a previous treatment, but can also be a first time occurrence without any previous experience. As parents, we are liable to pass on anxiety to our children, even before their first visit to a dentist. It is recommended that a children’s dentist (Pedodontist) be consulted in order to prepare the child for his/her first visit to a dental clinic, which in most cases becomes a positive experience.  

If this is so, then how is it that dental treatment is frightening to so many people? This is because dental treatment is regarded by most people as an “invasion” of their intimate territory. In addition, the mouth is a means of communication and when the treatment is performed on such a sensitive area, with a reduction or elimination of the ability to communicate, it is regarded psychologically as a “threatening” event.

So what is the solution? First – patience! of the dentist of course ….  We believe that a pleasant and patient treatment, while paying attention to the patient’s needs, solves most of the problem of dental anxiety.

The treatment in our clinic is performed gently, patiently, and in a pleasant atmosphere. The clinic’s team’s concept is that dental treatment can and often is – painless.

In the isolated cases where all this does not help and the patient is still full of anxiety, we use laughing gas (nitrous oxide).


What is Laughing Gas?

The use of laughing gas reduces anxiety, raises the pain threshold and helps transform the treatment to being a more pleasant experience. Laughing gas is safe to use (not for pregnant women!), has almost no side effects, and its effects disappear almost immediately. We use laughing gas in our clinic when necessary, for all types of treatment, from cleaning teeth by the clinic’s hygienist to complex surgical treatment.

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